Saturday, August 24, 2019

Beauty Secret

Hair Restoration: The Non-Invasive Way

Hair restoration thru medical and surgical methods are common solutions for people suffering from hair loss in the Philippines. Between medical and surgical hair restoration methods, surgical treatment has a higher success rate and the results are clearly visible. However, patients tend to avoid surgical hair restoration procedures because of the expensive price and surgical […]


9 Things to Consider Before Booking a Function Hall

Quezon City is recognized as the “Most Competitive City in the Philippines” for three consecutive years. Being the home of the major television networks, premium shopping malls, modern medical centers, entertainment hubs, world-class restaurants and five-star hotels, the economic growth and tourist rate of the city are continuously improving.   Today, the city also stands […]

Health & Wellness

Cosmetic Dentistry: Beautify Your Smile with Estetico Manila

Everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile, but achieving those takes time and dedication. For those who take their dental health seriously, brushing thoroughly just to get whiter and healthy teeth as advertised might be their ideal. However, overdoing your brushing may also damage the tooth enamel. You don’t have to overdo it as there […]


3 Awesome Places to do Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Philippines

Look at that magnificent sunset and the calm sea. It’s quite a beauty to behold especially for those two on a stand up paddleboard just savoring the moment. Doing exactly that on a paddleboard is very enjoyable and there are more exciting places like this here in the Philippines. Stand Up Paddleboarding: A SUPer Experience […]

Take a Quick Bite

Rice and Shine!

Good morning! Did you know that eating rice in the morning can be actually good for you? Rice is a staple food and a common feature in over 50% of world population. In the Philippines, Filipinos are known to consume rice for at least 2 times a day as part of their meals. Rice growers […]