9 Things to Consider Before Booking a Function Hall

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Quezon City is recognized as the “Most Competitive City in the Philippines” for three consecutive years. Being the home of the major television networks, premium shopping malls, modern medical centers, entertainment hubs, world-class restaurants and five-star hotels, the economic growth and tourist rate of the city are continuously improving.


Today, the city also stands as one of the most favorite event venues in the country because of its accessible hotels and complete facilities. It can host corporate events (such as meetings, seminars, conventions and cocktails) and special gatherings (such as weddings, debuts, birthdays and reunions). Another yes factor is that the function halls up for rent in Quezon City are affordable and spacious. The only problem is that when you search for the perfect venue online, there are many options you can select from. To narrow down your choices, here’s what you need to consider for you to get the best function hall:



  1. Cost

Before you break the bank, make sure that the price is reasonable for your capacity to pay. Select a place that fits both your standards and budget. There are many offers online that you can canvass through.


  1. Capacity

It’s a big hassle to have an overcrowded or an oversized venue. The technique is to know how many people can fit in that function hall. Estimate the occupied space of the other supplies and furniture to be used, too. Book the one that gives enough breathing space for you and your guests.


  1. Accessibility

Consider where your guests are coming from. Take note of the traffic and transportation issues also. Remember, it’s not okay for you and your visitors to be late for an important event. Therefore, opt for a function hall for rent that is accessible and well-known in Quezon City.


  1. Parking Space

Focus on the exteriors. Does the venue also have free parking spaces to accommodate your attendees? If none, your guests will be subjected to driving hassles and expensive parking tickets.


  1. Ambiance

The atmosphere of your venue says a lot about your event. Before booking a function hall, check the physical environment, indoor decors and functional layout. It’s also helpful to personally see the venue and examine its ceilings, walls, floors and stage. Ventilation also matters. Select the one that is centrally air-conditioned to provide utmost comfort for your guests.


  1. Amenities

Don’t rent a function hall in Quezon City just for its vast space. Assess its amenities also! Does it have a washroom for your guests? For special events like debuts, it’s also advisable to have a private room for the preparation of the celebrant.


  1. Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual equipment such as wireless/lapel microphones, speakers, projector with screen, whiteboard with marker and eraser, TV monitor and CD player are vital especially in meetings, conferences and seminars. Make sure that the function hall has an AV capability.


  1. Professional Service

Book a venue with staff who can help you from start to finish. These people will provide you planning, security, catering and clean-up services. They will also welcome your guests upon arrival and assist them throughout the event. You are assured that they will prioritize giving comfort and security above all.


  1. Miscellaneous

Can the staff provide extras such as platform, podium, flagpole, flipchart, conference pads, pencils, tables and chairs promptly? Ask them if these are available and included in your package to ensure that the function hall is complete with everything that you need.


There are many function halls for rent in Quezon City and their promotional deals can also be exciting. However, before finalizing your choice, consider these things first to get the most suitable one for your event.

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