Is a Single Attached House for You? Let’s Find Out!


In this present economy in the Philippines, buying your first home needs careful thought and planning. Finding an affordable starting home is a daunting task especially when you don’t know how to begin and more so, proceed. That’s why this guide is here.

It’s recommended to buy your very first home outside Metro Manila for the best prices. It doesn’t have to be that far away so you could look for homes in a province like Cavite which is relatively close to Metro Manila. Looking for a single attached house for sale is good for starters, especially if they’re rent to own.

Single Attached? What’s That?

A Single-attached house in real estate term may seem confusing. This rings true especially in gated communities like in Cavite wherein houses for sale are almost aesthetically identical to another model. So what exactly constitutes a house to be identified as a single-attached house?

It’s easy. A house that shares a common party wall on both sides of the property can be called a single-attached house or a semi-detached house. It usually comes in the form of a duplex, triplex, and a row house which is otherwise known as a townhouse here in the Philippines.

Simply put, a single-attached house is one home that separates families with a wall in between them.

Is It For You?

No model house is perfect especially in the case of a single-attached house. There are things to love and things to dislike. If you’re alright with these, then this type of home might suit you just fine.


  • Best for starter families and retirees
  • Convenient condo-like living
  • Just has the right size of living space for each household member
  • Cheaper than a single-detached home


  • Limited renovations and expansions
  • Less interior and exterior space
  • Less privacy and close proximity to neighbors may expose you to unwanted noise.

Tip: When buying a single-attached house, try to secure an end or corner lot to have space for expansion to the sides, front, or back of the house.

A Good First Home

Being away from Metro Manila, moving in a province like Cavite, and looking into a single-attached house for sale is a great idea to keep the costs down when your family needs somewhere to live in. After all, a home will grow on you enough to love it despite imperfections. This is the cheapest and readily available option for an economical and practical first-time homeowner

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