Rice and Shine!

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Good morning! Did you know that eating rice in the morning can be actually good for you?

Rice is a staple food and a common feature in over 50% of world population. In the Philippines, Filipinos are known to consume rice for at least 2 times a day as part of their meals. Rice growers and manufacturers from Nueva Ecija takes pride on their rice products; hybrid seeds and even taking spin on ‘Tapai’, a fermented rice dish which they called ‘Tapuy’, an alcoholic rice drink.


In the contrary to some reports that it is not advisable to eat rice in the morning, it has its own benefits too when, of course, consumed with moderation.  Add the easy-to-cook preparation and all the health benefits to gain from it; eating rice is undeniably a great way to start the day.

Still not convinced? Read on to see some of its health benefits.

Cholesterol-free energy

Rice is low on fat and cholesterol. The energy from rice comes mainly from carbohydrates so it helps recharge the brain function. Rice also makes you fuller that may help avoid unhealthy snacking thus, can be considered a good support for weight loss in the long run.

Packed with Vitamins and Nutrients

Rice is also loaded with of Niacin, Thiamine, and Vitamin D, Iron, Riboflavin and several B complex vitamins. It is said that these nutrient help promote general wellness when consumed in moderation. It also avoids risks of dementia and cancer.

Rich in Fiber

Soluble and insoluble fibers are present in rice and are therefore very helpful for the body’s digestive system. The soluble fiber prevents constipation while insoluble fiber prevents diarrhea.

Gluten Free

Rice is a great substitute for flour especially to those who suffer allergies from gluten and there is no need to change any recipe modifications or ingredient substitutions.

Pre-biotic Properties

Rice is also a good source of a particular type of carbohydrates called resistant starch. This type of carb is not absorbed by the body and only stays on the large intestine that act to feed pre-biotic microorganisms that turns to gut flora and prevents propagation of pathogens.

So you see? Eating rice in the morning is not really that bad. With all this benefits, it is evident that rice promotes overall healthiness.

Tired of your normal breakfast rice? Chef up and prepare other rice dishes like fried rice, rice porridge, layered rice bowl and rice oatmeal pudding. However, it is always good to check and choose natural varieties of rice such as brown rice and other unpolished assortments.

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