The Answers for Your Unusual Questions about Transition Eyeglasses

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Running an online shop in the Philippines and connecting to customers via Facebook, Lazada, or Shopee is a convenient way to sell stuff. Of course, there would be unusual, obvious, and even strange questions about products which you’ll have to answer.



If you’re in the biz of selling eyeglasses or sunglasses, then this article is for you. In this case, we’ll be talking about transition eyeglasses and how to answer your customers’ questions with science or just straight up common sense.


The Science Stuff

Q: Are transition eyeglasses useful when using a computer?

A: For computer screens, it’s a much more effective option to use eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating (AR coating) or yellow tint that filter out harsh light spectrums (especially blue light). Transition eyeglasses play little function indoors, unless you’re using a laptop outside like in a park, or somewhere where a lot of sunlight and UV ray flows in (like a terrace or patio).


Q: Do Transition Eyeglasses Work When Driving?

A: Glare from the sun is something that you don’t want to see and might even be dangerous when speeding along a busy highway. For this, you’ll need the DriveWear transition eyeglasses. It’s kind of a cross between polarized sunglasses and transition eyeglasses.

Why DriveWear? Because your transitions can’t activate while in the car due to the windshield tint blocking the UV rays. Unless you’re okay with owning multiple eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses will do the job just fine.


Q: Can I Get Transitions for the Pair I already bought?

A: Sadly you can’t. You have to buy a new pair that uses transition lenses. Another option is having your frame’s lenses replaced with transition lenses.


For the Self Conscious Customer

Q: Do transition eyeglasses make me look “baduy”?

A: Well, we’re not here to judge, but it would be wise to know that transition lenses are associated with an old-ish vibe. No, you won’t look creepy or ugly with it on—just pick the right frame that would look best when the lenses are tinted or clear.

Just refer to the infographic below to make sure you find the right eyeglasses shape for your face so you’d look great with any eyeglasses.

Q: Does it feel like you’re wearing sunglasses with transition eyeglasses on?

A: Yes, it actually does feel like you’re wearing one because they could turn as dark as much as sunglasses do especially if you’ve opted for a darker shade of transition tint.

Indoors, they will dim down and would feel like you’re wearing sunglasses. If you’re indoors and the lenses are all clear, they feel more like an ordinary pair of eyeglasses.


And The Best Question Goes to:

Q: How to Make Transition Lenses Stop Transitioning



Actually, this is something that you might not have very much control over. Technically, there there are ways to trigger the chemical reaction responsible for the darkening and lightening of the lenses but to stop the reaction from happening during an exposure seems out of the question.

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You’ll get a lot of unexpected questions when running an online business in the Philippines, and this truth is the same as anywhere else. So if anyone asks you these questions about your stock of transition eyeglasses, give you can use this quick guide to help them out.

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