What to Expect and Prioritize in a Wedding Expo

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Attending a wedding expo this 2019 should be a part of your priorities as a soon-to-be-married couple. It’s a type of convention that will make it easier for couples to find wedding suppliers, bridal gowns, event hosts, and more. It’s a fun convention to be in especially if you want to spend quality time planning with your fiancé or fiancée

Attend the Wedding Expo 2019!

The Wedding Library’s event, Weddings and Debuts 2019 or Wedding Expo 2019 is something you shouldn’t miss this coming May 24-26 at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall. It’s like a one-stop shop with all the things you need in your wedding and here’s what you can expect.

What to Expect?


The Wedding Expo 2019 is sure to bring out hundreds of brides to be. What you really need to prepare for are lines for tickets and popular booths. It’s a good idea to be an early bird and get a ticket online while it’s early so you’ll have an easier time getting in the expo.

Lots of Vendors

You’ll be seeing and inquiring from a host of videographers, DJs, florists, gown vendors and more that’s for sure. Get ready to list down numbers and receive great advice from these talented people.


Caterers make up the huge percentage of vendors in a wedding expo. They’ll often let you try out their samples so look around, keep tasting, and get their contacts.

Bridal Gowns Galore

What’s a wedding expo without wedding gowns? There will be plenty of designers around so try out gowns whenever you can before buying a gown for your wedding.

Raffles, Prizes, and Giveaways

Vendors and sponsors shake things up a bit by doing raffles and giving away prizes from gowns, formal wear, honeymoons, to all expenses paid weddings. Once you see them offering registrations for raffles, go for it. You might just win!

Fashion Shows

Some events will host a bridal fashion show and it’s a popular part of some bridal expos. If there’s a fashion event, just be sure to arrive early and jot down a designer you like and also the description of the gown.

What Should You Start With?

Your priorities should be on food, decoration, drinks, honeymoon destination, and the wedding cake.

Take your time on choosing a catering service, stroll around and take a good look at the decorations so you could reference them when deciding on a theme, find a noteworthy wedding cake baker to hire for your wedding, and look for the best honeymoon travel packages for you.

These are crucial since you’ll want your wedding day to be running smoothly and memorable. Keep the expectations and tips in mind and you’ll be enjoying the wedding expo this 2019. See you there!

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