Whom to get Eye Check Up From? Difference between EENT & Ophthalmologist

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One very common type of clinic in the Philippines is the EENT clinic. EENT stands for Eye, Ears, Nose, and Throat, and it is also the acronym for a specialist of the head and neck related afflictions aptly called EENT doctor or specialist. But between an EENT and an ophthalmologist, who do you go to to get an eye check up?

Let us first dive into the details of the occupation that is closer to our hearts (or eyes): the ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in anything eye-related. He treats diseases and injuries of and pertinent to the eyes. An ophthalmologist is both a physician and a surgeon learned with the complete machination of the eye systems.

We now go to EENT. If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, EENT doctors are rare to come by nowadays. The more common specialists we get to meet are ENTs. Use to be, doctors who specialize in the area of the head and neck (thus eyes, ears, nose, & throat) was a single practice, but the eye proved to be very complicated all on its own, and eye check up and treatment would require a separate specialization.

EENT is more of an antiquated format of medical categorization that we just got used—nowadays, when you walk into an EENT clinic, you will be in the midst of 2 clinics & clinicians: that of the ENT and the ophthalmologist.

So essentially, one can no longer see an EENT to get their eyes checked. There are very little to none of these specialists nowadays. Even if you go to an EENT clinic, it is very likely that you will be having your eye check up with the clinic’s ophthalmologist just right next to the clinic’s ENT doctor.

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